Instant Win Games (or IWGs) are another popular promotion type for driving customer engagement, as they provide the same branding and lead generation buzz of a Sweepstakes, with the added benefits of fun, addictive, interactive games that instantly let people know if they’re a winner and what prize they’ve won.

In an Instant Win Game, a person will register into the promotion and receive one or more “Plays” of the game. Unlike a Sweepstakes, instead of waiting until the promotion is over to find out if they’ve won, registrants are immediately taken to a game page, where they play a digital game for a chance to win one of any number of prizes set by the sponsor of the promotion. Whether it’s SpinZone (slot machine), 3x3, horse racing, or any other digital game Contest Factory offers, IWG promotions are like Sweepstakes on steroids, providing the instant gratification that grabs attention in today’s competitive online market. Like all promotions, IWGs must be free to enter to the public to avoid being subject to gambling laws.

You can create an Instant Win Game for your brand in a few minutes using Contest Factory’s promotion builder. Browse our large selection of Instant Win Game designs and customize your IWG from a huge combination of sounds, game images and design themes.